Text Box: Director: P. Kovalenko
Project manager: Aleksandr Kovalenko
Text Box: Leier OÜ
Reg.nr 10449250

Text Box: Leier OÜ
Text Box: The company has been based in 1995 on own capital under name Leier AS in the Estonian republic. After re-structuring per 1998 it is renamed in Leier OÜ, continuing building activity in territory of the Estonian republic.

The company is engaged in all civil work on the basis of contracts of the general order, and also under subcontract attitudes with larger companies.
The company is engaged in construction of private apartment houses, multiroom apartment houses and construction of technical constructions. Also repair of constructions was in operation.

Engineering the technicians in structure of four persons has wide experience of work in construction and the personnel.
In conditions of an economic crisis in the Balticís the company has managed to keep workplaces at reduction of orders due to qualitatively carried out works to contractual term.

Our company wishes to offer the services on construction in the market of Scandinavia for competitive prices with quality RYL 2000, RYL 2001, Tarindi RYL 2000, LVI RYL 92 ja Maa RYL 2000 according to kind building traditions.
Text Box: Phone: +372 53402388
Fax: +372 6009 775
E-mail: info@leier.ee
Text Box: Tallinn, Estonia, 
Kopli str. 1
Text Box: Leier OÜ
Reg.nr 10449250